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About the Study Center Gerzensee

The Study Center Gerzensee, a foundation of the Swiss National Bank, opened its doors in 1986. It is an international training center for central bankers and economists located in an old manor in the heart of Switzerland. High-ranking members of the Swiss National Bank, the Swiss Government, as well as the Swiss economic community constitute the Center’s Foundation Council and Advisory Committee for Education and Training.


Established in 1984, the foundation aims to contribute nationally and internationally to a better understanding of economics and banking, in particular as far as less developed countries are concerned. Moreover, the foundation aims to foster awareness of the economic interdependence among countries.


More specifically, the foundation’s statutes specify the following objectives: To run a training center for central bankers, commercial bankers, and economists from Switzerland and abroad; to serve as a meeting place for central bankers as well as leaders in politics, administration and business; and to preserve the precious historic estate.


To maintain a high-quality teaching environment, the Study Center Gerzensee is organized as an academic institution. Research constitutes an integral part of the activities of the Center’s staff. To host its guests, the Study Center operates a professionally managed seminar center on its premises which is also open to external guests.