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Advanced Courses in Economics for Doctoral Students and Faculty Members

Several Advanced Courses in Economics for Doctoral Students and Faculty Members are offered each year. In each of the week-long courses, a leading international academic teaches material closely related to her or his recent research.

Each course includes formal lectures of three hours per day as well as exercise review sessions, discussions, or possibilities for informal interaction. Course weeks start on Monday at 10:30h and end on Friday at noon. Advance reading assignments help the participants prepare for the material covered in class. On completion of the course, participants receive a confirmation. In some of the Advanced Courses a final exam may be offered.


Advanced Courses in Previous Years


The Empirical Analysis of Consumer and Labour Supply Behaviour

Richard Blundell

Institutions, Culture, and Prosperity: Theory and History

Avner Greif

Recent Advances in Theoretical Industrial Organization

Jean Tirole

Bayesian Dynamic Modelling and Forecasting

Mike West

Over-the-Counter Financial Markets, jointly with Swiss Finance Institute

Darrell Duffie


International Finance

Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas

Panel Data Econometrics

Badi H. Baltagi


Matthew Jackson

Financial Stability

Xavier Vives

Banking and Financial Fragility, jointly with Swiss Finance Institute

Enrico Perotti


Financial Crises and Banking Regulations (OCW)

Patrick Bolton

Time Series Econometrics

James Hamilton

International Finance (OCW)

Gita Gopinath

Financial Stability, jointly with Swiss Finance Institute

Xavier Vives and Jean-Charles Rochet


Liquidity Regulation (OCW)

Douglas Gale

Bayesian Econometrics and its Applications (OCW)

John Geweke

The Political Economics of Development Clusters

Torsten Persson

Information and Expectations in Macroeconomics

George-Marios Angeletos


Panel Data Econometrics

Manuel Arellano

Financial Crises and Financial Stability

Jeremy C. Stein

Monetary Economics and Imperfect Information

Ricardo Reis

Recent Advances in International Trade

Pol Antrŕs


Recent Developments in Mechanism Design

Stephen Morris

New Dynamic Public Finance

Iván Werning

Behavioral Finance

Harrison Hong

Program Evaluation Methods

Guido Imbens


Empirical Strategies

Joshua Angrist

Game Theory and Behavioral Economics

David K. Levine

Monetary Theory and Policy

Marvin Goodfriend

Liquidity, Business Cycles and Monetary Policy

Nobuhiro Kiyotaki


Macroeconomics of the Labor Market

Robert Shimer

Liquidity and Financial Stability

Hyun S. Shin

Empirical Methods in International Trade

Robert C. Feenstra

New Developments in Business Cycles in Closed and Open Economies

Patrick Kehoe


Financial Stability in the Open Economy

Ricardo J. Caballero

Time Series Econometrics

James D. Hamilton

Asset Pricing under Asymmetric Information

Markus K. Brunnermeier

Labor Markets and Technological Change

Gilles Saint-Paul


Panel Data Econometrics

Manuel Arellano

Advanced Market Design

Paul R. Milgrom

Monetary Economics

Lawrence Christiano

Empirical Finance

Kenneth J. Singleton



Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy

Francis X. Diebold

Political Economics and
Economic Development

Daron Acemoglu

Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policy

V.V. Chari

Cooperative Game Theory

Eric S. Maskin



Financial Intermediation

Douglas W. Diamond

Econometric Policy Evaluation

James J. Heckman

Open Economy Macroeconomics

Eric van Wincoop

The Theory of Monetary Policy

Michael Woodford



The Microstructure of Financial Markets

Bruno Bais

Financial Crises and Globalization

Michael D. Bordo

Time Series Econometrics

James D. Hamilton

Politics and Economics of Fiscal Policies

Alberto Alesina



International Macroeconomics

Assaf Razin

Panel Data Econometrics

Manuel Arellano

Monetary Economics

Carl Walsh

Economic Geography

Tony Venables



Econometrics of Finance

Tim Bollerslev

The Challenge of Monetary Theory

John H. Moore

Experimental Economics

Alvin Roth

Understanding Currency Crises

Philippe Bacchetta/Giancarlo Corsetti



Microeconomics of Banking

Xavier Freixas

Theory of Dynamic Contracting

Patrick Bolton

Semi- and non-parametric Econometrics

James L. Powell

Dynamic Models of Asset Prices

Costas Azariadis



Open Economy Macroeconomics

Kenneth Rogoff

Empirical Industrial Organization

Ariel Pakes

The Economics of Risk

Christian Gollier

Health Economics

David Cutler



The Economics of Information and Learning

Xavier Vives

International Finance

Campbell R. Harvey

Time Series Econometrics

James D. Hamilton

Transition Economies

Gérard Roland



Economic Growth

Philippe Aghion

Econometrics of Panel Data

Manuel Arellano

Empirical Finance

John Y. Campbell

Macroeconomics and Finance

Philippe Weil



Economic History

Michael D. Bordo

Corporate Finance

Jean Tirole

Credit Markets in Macroeconomics

Ben S. Bernanke

Industrial Organization

John Sutton



Labor Economics

Richard Blundell

Modern Intertemporal Macroeconomics

Stephen Turnovsky


René M. Stulz

International Financial Markets

Maurice Obsfeld



Dynamic Macroeconomic Theory

Jean-Pierre Danthine

Advanced Microeconomics

Oliver Hart

Public Economics

James M. Poterba


James H. Stock




Adrian Pagan

Macroeconomics - Growth Theory

Robert Barro

Microeconomics - Game Theory

Drew Fudenberg

Foreign Trade

Elhanan Helpman




Mark Watson


Jeffrey A. Miron


Martin Hellwig

Industrial Organization

Jean Tirole




Robert King, Marianne Baxter

Microeconomics - Game Theory

Ken Binmore

Time Series Econometrics

Charles Nelson, Timothy Cogley

Industrial Organization

Jean Tirole



Open-Economy Macroeconomics

Alan C. Stockman

Time Series Econometrics

Charles I. Plosser

Microeconomics - Externalities and Public Goods

Hal R. Varian



Monetary Theory and Monetary Policy

Marvin Goodfriend


René M. Stulz



Open-Economy Macroeconomics

Jeffrey A. Frankel

International Finance

Bernard Dumas