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Advanced Courses in Economics for Doctoral Students and Faculty Members

Several Advanced Courses in Economics for Doctoral Students and Faculty Members are offered each year. In each of the week-long courses, a leading international academic teaches material closely related to her or his recent research.

Each course includes formal lectures of three hours per day as well as exercise review sessions, discussions, or possibilities for informal interaction. Course weeks start on Monday at 10:30h and end on Friday at noon. Advance reading assignments help the participants prepare for the material covered in class. On completion of the course, participants receive a confirmation. In some of the Advanced Courses a final exam may be offered.


Advanced Courses in Previous Years

The Empirical Analysis of Consumer and Labour Supply BehaviourRichard Blundell

Institutions, Culture, and Prosperity: Theory and HistoryAvner Greif
Recent Advances in Theoretical Industrial OrganizationJean Tirole
Bayesian Dynamic Modelling and ForecastingMike West
Over-the-Counter Financial Markets, jointly with Swiss Finance InstituteDarrell Duffie

International FinancePierre-Olivier Gourinchas
Panel Data EconometricsBadi H. Baltagi
NetworksMatthew Jackson
Financial StabilityXavier Vives
Banking and Financial Fragility, jointly with Swiss Finance InstituteEnrico Perotti

Financial Crises and Banking Regulations (OCW)Patrick Bolton
Time Series Econometrics James Hamilton
International Finance (OCW)Gita Gopinath
Financial Stability, jointly with Swiss Finance Institute

Xavier Vives and Jean-Charles Rochet
Liquidity Regulation (OCW)Douglas Gale
Bayesian Econometrics and its Applications (OCW)John Geweke
The Political Economics of Development ClustersTorsten Persson
Information and Expectations in MacroeconomicsGeorge-Marios Angeletos
Panel Data EconometricsManuel Arellano
Financial Crises and Financial StabilityJeremy C. Stein
Monetary Economics and Imperfect InformationRicardo Reis

Recent Advances in International Trade

Pol AntrĂ s


Recent Developments in Mechanism DesignStephen Morris
New Dynamic Public FinanceIván Werning
Behavioral FinanceHarrison Hong
Program Evaluation MethodsGuido Imbens
Empirical StrategiesJoshua Angrist
Game Theory and Behavioral EconomicsDavid K. Levine
Monetary Theory and PolicyMarvin Goodfriend
Liquidity, Business Cycles and Monetary PolicyNobuhiro Kiyotaki
Macroeconomics of the Labor MarketRobert Shimer
Liquidity and Financial StabilityHyun S. Shin
Empirical Methods in International TradeRobert C. Feenstra

New Developments in Business Cycles in Closed and Open Economies

Patrick Kehoe

Financial Stability in the Open EconomyRicardo J. Caballero
Time Series Econometrics James D. Hamilton
Asset Pricing under Asymmetric InformationMarkus K. Brunnermeier
Labor Markets and Technological ChangeGilles Saint-Paul
Panel Data EconometricsManuel Arellano
Advanced Market DesignPaul R. Milgrom

Monetary Economics

Lawrence Christiano

Empirical Finance

Kenneth J. Singleton
Financial Markets and the MacroeconomyFrancis X. Diebold
Political Economics and
Economic Development

Daron Acemoglu

Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policy V.V. Chari

Cooperative Game Theory

Eric S. Maskin

Financial Intermediation Douglas W. Diamond
Econometric Policy EvaluationJames J. Heckman
Open Economy MacroeconomicsEric van Wincoop
The Theory of Monetary PolicyMichael Woodford
The Microstructure of Financial MarketsBruno Bais
Financial Crises and Globalization

Michael D. Bordo

Time Series EconometricsJames D. Hamilton
Politics and Economics of Fiscal PoliciesAlberto Alesina
International MacroeconomicsAssaf Razin
Panel Data EconometricsManuel Arellano
Monetary EconomicsCarl Walsh
Economic GeographyTony Venables
Econometrics of FinanceTim Bollerslev
The Challenge of Monetary TheoryJohn H. Moore
Experimental EconomicsAlvin Roth
Understanding Currency CrisesPhilippe Bacchetta/Giancarlo Corsetti
Microeconomics of BankingXavier Freixas
Theory of Dynamic ContractingPatrick Bolton
Semi- and non-parametric EconometricsJames L. Powell
Dynamic Models of Asset PricesCostas Azariadis
Open Economy MacroeconomicsKenneth Rogoff
Empirical Industrial OrganizationAriel Pakes
The Economics of RiskChristian Gollier
Health EconomicsDavid Cutler
The Economics of Information and LearningXavier Vives
International FinanceCampbell R. Harvey
Time Series EconometricsJames D. Hamilton
Transition EconomiesGĂ©rard Roland
Economic GrowthPhilippe Aghion
Econometrics of Panel DataManuel Arellano
Empirical FinanceJohn Y. Campbell
Macroeconomics and FinancePhilippe Weil
Economic HistoryMichael D. Bordo
Corporate FinanceJean Tirole
Credit Markets in MacroeconomicsBen S. Bernanke
Industrial OrganizationJohn Sutton
Labor EconomicsRichard Blundell
Modern Intertemporal MacroeconomicsStephen Turnovsky
FinanceRené M. Stulz
International Financial MarketsMaurice Obsfeld
Dynamic Macroeconomic TheoryJean-Pierre Danthine
Advanced MicroeconomicsOliver Hart
Public EconomicsJames M. Poterba
EconometricsJames H. Stock
EconometricsAdrian Pagan
Macroeconomics - Growth TheoryRobert Barro
Microeconomics - Game TheoryDrew Fudenberg
Foreign TradeElhanan Helpman
EconometricsMark Watson
MacroeconomicsJeffrey A. Miron
MicroeconomicsMartin Hellwig
Industrial OrganizationJean Tirole
MacroeconomicsRobert King, Marianne Baxter
Microeconomics - Game TheoryKen Binmore
Time Series EconometricsCharles Nelson, Timothy Cogley
Industrial OrganizationJean Tirole
Open-Economy MacroeconomicsAlan C. Stockman
Time Series EconometricsCharles I. Plosser
Microeconomics - Externalities and Public GoodsHal R. Varian
Monetary Theory and Monetary PolicyMarvin Goodfriend
FinanceRené M. Stulz
Open-Economy MacroeconomicsJeffrey A. Frankel
International FinanceBernard Dumas